Junior KG & Senior KG – Picnic to Ahmedabad

Finally the day arrived for which all of the kids and teachers were eagerly waiting. Our school organized a fun trip to Kankariya lake, Ahmedabad on 8th February, 2017 for the students of class Senior KG and Junior KG. The kids accompanying their teachers left for Ahmedabad at 06:45 hrs. They had breakfast on the way and reached the venue at 11:30 hrs. The group was first taken into the toy train and they were offered a ride for the entire campus showing them the view of lake and garden. It was followed by lunch by the lake. After lunch, everyone was taken to the Kids City where there were various activities that we could choose from. The activities aimed to give knowledge and hands on experience on the different public services like Police Station, Fire Station, Court, BRTS, HCG Hospital and Ice-cream factory. All the kids were briefed about the different things that happen in each of the department and then they had a chance to become one of them and enact. Some of them took turns to become policemen, criminals, fire fighters and judges. It was happy sight to see all the kids making their best effort to enact the serious roles. The exclusive highlight of the trip was their experience at the TV

Station which included a meeting with the CM. The kids could ask question to the live model of the Chief Minister and in return would receive his response. After a fun and learning filled day, they left from Ahmedabad at 17:00 hrs. They had dinner on the way and after a long day out everybody quickly drifted away to their dream world. They reached the school at 12 midnight and as if instantly all their tiredness vanished and happily ran to their parents and began to narrate their experience to their parents.


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