Rangotsav Competition Winners | February 2023

Rangotsav Competition Winners | February 2023

An award ceremony was organized at Amarjyoti Sarawati International Pre- Primary school for the national-level winners of the Rangotsav competition. One hundred fifty kids from our pre-primary section took part in this program. They participated in three categories: colouring, finger/thumb painting, & handwriting. Nationwide, one of our students got the second position, and two reached the fourth position.

A student got an art merit award, and two received a kg gift. Sixteen, ten, and five students received gold, silver, and bronze medals. This program was planned to recognize the talents of our young, which have made an immense impact on our children, school, and society as a whole.

Rangotsav Finger & Thumb painting Winners
1. Aaryav Andhariya – Senior Kg. C – 2nd prize
2. Kashish Sapariya – Nursery E – Consolation prize

Rangotsav Colouring Winners
1. Vihaan Shah – Junior Kg. D – 4th prize
2. Waliyya Dholia – Junior Kg. B – Art Merit Award
3. Veer Ajwalia – Nursery D – Kg Gift

Rangotsav Handwriting Winners
Fatemah Masani – Senior Kg. A – 4th prize
Mauli Dave – Senior Kg. C – Kg Gift

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