Health and fitness seems to be the top priority to many even today amidst the hectic schedule of life.

FIT INDIA FREEDOM RUN season is in progress. People across the country are passionate to be a part in the activity to show their fitness and free themselves from all the negativities of life.

ASIS group of schools actively took part in the Fit India Freedom Run. The run commenced from the Sahkari Hut with the small boost up speech by the DIG of Bhavnagar Ashok Yadav who also displayed a green flag to our run.
We gave a kick off to our run at 6:30 am and our runners filled with energy and enthusiasm finished the run within an hour and reached our destination (back to school premises) unscathed.

During this time we assembled at a spot as we were spotted by many viewers and to get entertained ourselves and our viewers we performed an aerobic dance.
The eye catching sight was our M.D AMARJYOTI MA’AM being full of beans performing amazing moves to the aerobic dance to inspire the runners and the viewers.

We believe this movement will be an inspiration for all the viewers who witnessed the Fit India Freedom Run.

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