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Director Message

I grew up in Burma but am of Indian descent. Due to political circumstances, I found myself having to make a new life in the UK when I was barely out of my teens. I had two children, and made sure the one thing I did was to get them a decent education so they had a good start in life. After my kids grew up and went to University in the UK, I returned to India, where I met my true love and decided to do something with my life that I once promised my father.

When I met Capt Kirit Sinh Gohil, now over 20 years ago, he helped me start a school. At the time it was only two classrooms. The school was called Silver Bells and it was a state school. With his help, the school has now grown into a full size CBSE public school with around 3000 students. All doing very well in their studies.

My main drive, even today is seeing children that come from ordinary backgrounds do so well for themselves. You see them grow and flourish into young adults with confident and knowledgeable heads on them. Giving them that springboard of opportunity is such an honour. I try to keep in touch with all of my ex-students and they make you proud of what they have become. With the connections back in England, and what I had learned in my time there, it was possible to bring so much more to the school and the children’s education. Everything I have learned from going to seminars and teacher training within India and the UK, I have managed to bring into the school and see the results. Seeing the students go on to study in highly respectful universities and wondrous vocations all over the world is what makes me strive to keep improving the school on a day to day basis. Also helping the local community with jobs within the school and helping fund their children’s education through the proper means is a big part of my ongoing plan.

It is now time for the school to be recognized for what it really is; A safe, fun, high quality education center for children of all walks of life who yearn to achieve their highest potential.

I also think that it is important for students to be well traveled and to keep an open mind. I am a firm believer in the saying Travel broadens the minds and try to incorporate as many school trips and opportunities abroad into the curriculum as I can. 

I want every student to take the good from the East and West. As the world becomes smaller, our students minds should be broader and their hearts stronger.

Usually schools in India are all on results, but in Amar Jyoti Saraswati International School, it is about all round development. A good mind, body and soul will help achieve the necessary standard to learn and strive towards academic achievement.

I would like to thank Margaret Quow who was a principal in the UK. She helped me so much in setting up both schools. And to all the other teachers from the UK who came from time to time to help. Also really big thank you to all the teachers from past and present, without whom this school would not have been possible.

“Let all children follow their dream and never push children into what you think they should be.”

Amar Jyoti Gohil Founder